Things To Do

Omodos village is the place where you can combine a relaxing and enjoyable holiday along with the variety of different kind of activities.

An excursion to Troodos mountain (almost 25 minutes from Omodos), a ski resort, must not be missed as it offers you the opportunity to reach the highest point in Cyprus which is called Chionistra.

In Troodos Mountain, definitely you will experience amazing snow rides, as it can accommodate both beginners and experts.

The ski resort has four different slopes where two slopes are suitable for beginners (Aphrodite and Hera slope), one for intermediate level skiers (Hermes slope) and another suitable for expert skiers (Zeus slope).  It’s worth mentioning that an international skiing competition is hosted every year at Zeus Slope.

In addition, Omodos village is near to lots of nature trails where you can go for hiking. Once you walk Kalidonia waterfalls nature trail (almost 5 minutes from Omodos, located in Platres village) you will experience the dense forest vegetation, along the river that flows all year around and the picturesque waterfall at the end.

Another magnificent natural trail is Myllomeris Waterfalls, which also located in Platres village.  Myllomeris Waterfall nature trail is considered to be one of the most beautiful nature trail in Cyprus.  You will amazed as the first part of the route, almost halfway, follows a course parallel to the cold river and the second part leads of the route to an open mountain view with rich vegetation.

Moreover, in Troodos mountain and Platres village there is a cycling network of total 57 kilometers in length.  Cyclists can enjoy the natural beauty of Cyprus in ideal weather conditions, having an escape from routine and feeling the freedom that cycling offers you.

Along the route there are 14 sign-posted viewpoints and resting places. Here cyclists who seek to discover the natural beauty of Cyprus will enjoy a well-earned breather and savour breathtaking views.