The Story

Omodos Village Houses is a family company that provides accommodation for more than 20 years

1st generation (our grandparents):

Our grandparents Panteleos, Maroula, Iacovos and Olga were the once who started everything by planting the seeds of innovation and progress in their children and grandchildren’s DNA.

Panteleos and Maroula were local wine growers in Omodos, who produced local wine, ‘zivania’ and local treats from grapes (‘Shiousouko’ and ‘Palouze’). Maroula is also embroidery, the famous ‘pipilla’.

Panteleos, a house builder in the local area back in 1950, built many traditional houses in Omodos Village and in the nearby villages. He was the one who built a big house for his family. When their first grandchildren were born, they decided to split the big house into two separate houses, naming them after their grandchildren’s names; Olga and Marios House.

2nd generation (our parents):

In 1980, our parents, Nicos and Rodoula decided to keep on following the path that our grandparents had started. By the time their two younger children were born, Iacovos and Pantelis, they started building another two traditional houses in Omodos Village.

Therefore, the couple owned four houses in Omodos, which were named as their children: Pantelis, Iacovos, Marios and Olga.

Nicos (who is the ‘business generated idea’ person in the family) soon realised that Omodos village has been attracting more and more tourists. The stone-built square, the cool climate, the beautiful and unique monastery of Holy Cross and of course the hospitality of the locals were the key factors, which still lead into an increasing traffic of tourists year by year.

Taking advantage the opportunity to welcome and accommodate tourists into our village and showing them in detail the beauty of our village, our parents established the company on 03/02/1993.

The fact that Nicos and Rodoula were locals has enabled them to give customers all the information they needed about the village. Therefore they were in position to offer excellent customer service, by recommending the best placed to visit, restaurants to eat and sights that should be visited. In that way, they managed to make tourists feel ‘at home’.

Nicos and Rodoula have always had their children assisting them in everything they had to do in Omodos (welcoming guests, guiding guests, cleaning etc.)

3rd generation:

Thus, we, the third generation (Olga, Marios, Iacovos and Pantelis) had the job training they needed in all aspects ever since we were children.  Now, being all of us graduates of Business administration, our parents and we decided that it was time to delegate their responsibilities to us. Therefore, in 2015 we took the heritage our grandparents had started and our parents developed and take it to another level.

Equipping the houses with everything our customers might need during their stay, renovating them in a modern way but also keeping in full the traditional character of the four houses, offering Wi-Fi connection and many other facilities are some of the changes we have applied for the time being.

However, what we have not changed is the personal contact with our guests. Being present in every customer’s arrival is the only way we can continue giving our guests a warm welcome to our village as our parents did. This wonderful journey in tradition was our parents’ philosophy and our only target.

Omoads Wine

We are looking forward to welcome you in our houses!

Our Guests say

Beautiful houses at the perfect location, where you can enjoy your holidays and relax with your family or friends! I absolutely recommend it!

Best weekend I ever had. The place is so cosy and its location is just perfect! Ideal place for a family getaway or just for two! It is run by wonderful people and the service is just perfect!

We stayed there many times and we are definitely recommend it !!! Omodos is a very beautiful village.


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